The Rescue’s Primary Kennels are in urgent need of repairs  image

The Rescue’s Primary Kennels are in urgent need of repairs

Our kennels are over 20 years old, we need to replace and/or repair

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$5,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

We are raising funds to continue saving Huskies in a safe environment

SHRNM is a completely volunteer organization. Our dogs are hosted by families, cared for free by volunteers, transported free by volunteers, and fed and treated by donations. We do our best to take in as many dogs as we are allowed. All the work to find good homes for our dogs is done for free by volunteers. We truly exist by the kindness of our supporters and volunteers. But what about the adoption fees, you ask? They do not cover the costs of caring for a dog. They generally cover the cost of medical care.

Currently, many shelters and rescues are full. Shelters are having to euthanize dogs to make more room for all the dogs they are required to take in. On top of that, people do not seem to be adopting. So dogs are remaining in shelters and rescues for longer periods of time. Also, lots of people are looking to rehome their dogs. We receive 1-4 requests to rehome a husky a day! Plus all the notifications of huskies in need, at shelters, throughout the state and beyond.
What does all of this have to do with holes? In order for us to continue to take care of our dogs, we need to maintain and refurbish our facilities. We have been saving huskies for almost 25 years. We are currently caring for almost 60 dogs. Our yards need repair, our fences need to be replaced, concrete needs to be redone, and our kennels need to be fixed. The dogs don’t seem to understand our limited resources, and can really trash our facilities. Ultimately, we would like to expand our facilities to take in more dogs, but we need to realistically fix what we have now.
The good news is that you can help! Every dollar in the campaign will go to help our facilities. If you have other resources that would help us refurbish of our rescue, that may work, too! Please call Steve at 505.264.2514 to coordinate.
We thank you and the dogs thank you for your consideration. 🐾